Aldous Huxley Interviewed by Mike Wallace

Below you will find a URL link to a 1968 interview with Aldous Huxley.  I found it interesting enough to share it with others that think. You would not be viewing my site unless you thought. I try to make my comments always searching for the truth so that as we discover it, you have the opportunity for you to actualize yourselves.

Aldous Huxley author of Brave New World has a very thoughtful and thought provoking 1968 interview with Mike Wallace who does an outstanding job.

It is 1/2 hour of very interesting and meaningful discussion about our modern society and where we are possibly heading. Worth viewing and possibly reviewing

Topics of intelligent discussion include

o Over population

o Over organization in government creating bureaucracies

o Drugs and their uses to control society

o Democracy

o Elections in a Free society – personalities that are managed

0 Democracy depends on rational choice but if government controls education- things will be left out and other things will be emphasized

o People under a dictatorship – Russia and China today and the U.S. in the future?

– Oligarchy at top – political figures

– Segments like technology given freedom and money and live a good life if they stay out of way of politicians

– Drones on the bottom who produce and the top two layers live off – Are they happy?  Probably yes if they know nothing else and were taught nothing else and were exposed to nothing else.

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