I have written a book about the differences between socialism and capitalism.   It can be found on my website[1] In this book, I examined The Russian socialism that followed Karl Marx and the German “Democratic Socialism as well as capitalism.  My study led me to believe that socialism suffers from two fatal flaws – 1. Human nature is such that an individual does not want to work harder than other works and get no benefit.  2. Pure socialism has the state owning all property, running manufacturing and setting prices.   The problem is that without competition, no one knows what price to set.  Bureaucrats cannot sit down in desks in DC or Moscow and come up with fair prices.  It is impossible and doomed to failure.

These two flaws caused the Russian system to fail.  They converted to capitalism with pricing, competition and private ownership. It works.

The Germans invented what is called democratic socialism.  It allows private ownership of property, private control of production but the state of Germany controls all of the profits. .They allocate how much goes into production, how much is spent on new plant and production equipment and how much profit the owner is allowed.  The state gets the rest.

I got the idea for this article from the article, “Why the Growing Popularity of Socialism is?, Beyond Today, Jan- Feb 2019, pp15.- 20.I found this article on target for a number of my beliefs. Let’s look at their points –

America was founded with very little socialism. It was a society built upon the Judeo Christian ethic of the Bible. Little know is the fact that the Pilgrims tried socialism their first year and quickly switched to capitalism, the second year and.  Litterly, ½ the founders at Plymouth starved the first year. It was the second year where the Pilgrims excelled and had the Thanksgiving for their Indian friends.

Many Americans in the younger generation are embracing socialism

A recent Gallup poll found that Americans 18 to 29 years of age are “As positive about socialism (51%) as they are about capitalism (45%).  57% of all Democrats view socialism positively. Why is socialism growing in popularity despite its catastrophic results. In times past and various nations you study today, its record is horrible.  It’s a matter of fact that Stalin and Mao Tse Tung killed *tens of millions of their own population in order to get them to be compliant with the Communist philosophy.

The basic fact is that we population has been dumbed down and they do not understand the social realities of life that disproves the validity of the value of socialism.

Charity versus socialism – there is a lack of understanding of the differences

the Bible teaches that we should voluntarily give to people who really need help, whether temporary or permanently. However, the Bible never advocate state run welfare programs. According to biblical principles, compulsory and confiscatory taxation to redistribute wealth from income earners to those who are not earning is legalized, stealing.

Influences on people’s thinking: here, there is lack of understanding. Currently, journalists are engaged in reporting fake news. It is now become increasingly difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

The quality, quantity and quality of education in the K-12 educational system has deteriorated significantly. Public schools in the United States are no longer teaching civics, the study of government and the responsibility of citizenry.

Many university college professors have embraced political correctness, environmentalism, immoral lifestyles, radical feminism and socialism..   This is what they teach.

Socialism versus freedom: lack of understanding .

Total or absolute freedom in the sense of having no restrictions at all is not true freedom. That would allow murder, stealing, lying, and would soon destroy everyone’s freedom and security. Maximum freedom is achieved when a normal set of social constraints such as the 10 Commandments are used throughout society.

Most of the American founders believed and followed the 10 commandments.  In the Bible, after God delivered them from enslavement, some of the Israelites wanted to go back. In their hearts, they turned back to Egypt (Acts7:38-39). They had food and shelter and did not have to cope with change.

Economics: Lack of Understanding

Economics is defined as the study of man in his everyday life.  Economics is concerned with production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.  Socialism does not work because it defies those laws. Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes have put much misinformation into people’s heads.

Most nations are operating with a combination of socialism and personal freedom. Many people think of socialism in one way. It is a system that offers a lot of “free stuff”

History: Lack of Understanding

It is a sad fact that world history and American history is being taught less and less in k-12 and college. The history classes often denigrate our Judeo Christian heritage

The problem with socialism is that fewer and fewer decisions about your life are made by you nut are made by big government. .  Remember, government has its interest at heart not yours.

Human Nature: Lack of understanding

Many see man as basically good whereas others see man as basically bad. It one sees man as basically good, then you trust government. America’s founders understood people so they feared big government,

God: Lack of understanding

From the Bible, we see that God loves liberty and loves to liberate people.  God loves freedom.

On another level, the deemocratic young and old socialists are promising a lot.  For instance-

  • No borders
  • Pay off student loans and free education
  • Medicare for all including illegal immigrants
  • Guaranteed annual income.

These are very appealing promises to many college graduates and soon to be college graduates.  Their student loans are a millstone around their necks.  They want to get married, start a family, buy a car but cannot because of the size of the their college debt.



This paper briefly covers the highlights of socialism and the delusions that have been put into the press. For a better understanding, read my book.   The big problem is that the democrats will end up with 15- 20 candidates for president.  The are mostly young and have no qualms about lying in order to get votes.   Some of the newbies are already promoting the above wish list.  They know that they cannot produce it but they can promise It to get votes.  They are interested in power and if over promising gets them elected, they will be happy.  I do not believe that they care much about the American people or its dreams.

The 2020 election cycle is going to be vicious.   The democrats will over promise.  Most candidates have no experience or accomplishments at all.

The reason socialism is popular is that it promise young people a lot of goodies. No mention is ever made as to how it will be paid for.  Santa Claus is here!

[1] Joseph P and wantk the Ph.D. The  Differences Between Socialialism and Capitalism,www.ravengeopolnews.com