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Uranium One and the Clintons

  1. My book – – – 39 years of Clinton Scandals and corruptions, Part 3 of 3, cover this transaction in detail. It can be found here – – – http://ravengeopolnews.com/39-years-clinton-scandals-corruption-1977-2016-book-3-3/ –
  2. However, it is getting more interesting now
    1. Since 2010, the FBI was investigating Uranium One – but was quiet
  3. The TransactionRussia wanted access to and ownership of as much U.S. uranium as it could get.
    1. Russia put in 10 deep plant spies to penetrate Hillary when she was Secretary of State
    2. These agents were watched by FBI and were arrested one day before  Bill Clinton made his speech in Russia and got $500K
    3. Bill Clinton and Canadian billionaire went to Kazaskastan to meet president and get photo ops.  The president was a very bad human rights abuser but the Photo ops did the trick.  He gave the Russian billionaire the rights to Kazakstan Uranium
    4. The Canadian billionaire – name is in my book – – then went to Uranium One and bought a major share of Uranium One for the rights to the Kazakistan Uranium.
    5. Canadian billionaire then gave Bill Clinton Fund $2.1 million
    6. Then Putin made an offer to buy all of Uranium One – they accepted
  4. Problem –Deal had to be approved by U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment whose members were
    1. Eric Holder (AG)
    2. Robert Mueller (FBI Director)
    3. James Comey (Former FBI Director)
    4. Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State)
    5. Barack Oban – – had to be aware of what was going on but did not have to sign
    6. Mr. Rob Rosenstein – – who oversaw the entire transaction from the Justice Dept
  5. Get the picture
    1. These high level officers n out government signed over 20% of U.S. Uranium production to Russia (Putin) and gave written approval of the transaction
    2. Uranium is used to make nuclear bombs.  Some of this could have landed n N.Korea and Iran.
    3. Russia is a potential enemy of the U.S.
    4. Is this Treason or a bad case of Malfeasance?
    5. And remember
  1. Rob Rosenstein suggested to Sessions that he recuse himself from an investigation
  2. Rob Rosenstein made the actual assignment of Robert Mueller to investigate the fabricated Dossier and Russian involvement of Donald Trump as special prosecutor and COMPLETELY IGNORED THE HARD EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION OF THE CLINTONS WITH RUSSIA AND THE CEDING OF 20% OF THE STRATEGIC ASSET OF URANIUM TO RUSSIA
  1. Payments
    1. Clinton himself – – – $500K
    2. Clinton Fund – – – $2.1 million from Canadian billionaire
    3. Clinton fund – — –$125 million from Canadian billionaire.
    4. Bribes – – Apparently $50 million in bribes were handed out and I do not know where

If followed through and indicted, these people could be found guilty of Treason, Malfeasance and a numb of other crimes.

To do

  1. Stop this nonsense with Mueller investigating Trump
  2. Start a separate prosecuting Attorney on the Clintons/ Uranium One / Clinton Fund / Bribes / Dossier funding of $12.5 million by DNC and Clintons.