MEXICAN BORDER WALLS                                                                                                                                MEXICAN BORDER WALLS 

The current practice of extending U.S. citizenship to hundreds of thousands of ‘anchor babies’ must end because it creates a magnet for illegal immigration into our country. Now is the time to ensure that the laws in this country do not encourage law-breaking. Steve King

Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself. John Locke

The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight. Theodore Roosevelt

 All Americans have a sacred duty to guarantee Social Security benefits to our nation’s senior citizens. Steve King



I have seen so much misinformation in the papers recently about immigration. As a result, I decided to sit down and do some research and try to restate the facts.  The facts themselves speak volumes.  We all know that the Liberal progressive press hates Donald Trump. We all know and have seen that for the most part, illegal immigration is bad for this nation as it is currently being implemented.  We all know that our Congress is not doing their job and are sitting on their hands with respect to this issue..


Donald Trump’s has made a push for a border wall. He expects Mexico to pay for the wall.  The Congress, including his Republican Party, have not been supportive – only his base.  What he’s asking for is not an extreme case. For instance, sovereign nations have completed 20 border walls and seven are under construction with one planed and five more proposed. It makes sense, our government reports that 97% of apprehended illegals have been along the Mexican border since 2010.  Further, we now know that in 2005 there were 1,189,000 illegals caught crossing the border. That number dropped in 2008 two 723,800..   This was result of partial walls and a beefed-up immigration service.   In 2017, because Donald Trump has been pushing for the wall and telling the immigration service that he is at their back, the number fell to 17,000 and is currently in decline.


The cost of the wall depending on who you listen to . It will be somewhere between eight and $25 billion.  Donald Trump estimates eight to $12 billion.  He is a developer and I suspect that he will hold close to those numbers.


One wonders about the cost of not having a wall.  Between 1998 and 2007, 5000 migrant deaths occurred along the border.  Another statistic is that between 1998 to 2004, 1,998 illegals have officially died trying to cross the border.


When one reflects on the cost of the wall, one realizes that it t is pretty large.  On the other hand, one aircraft carrier costs $13 billion.   Keep a perspective.  This will protect from day 1 and save money from day 1.


Trump in a speech on June 22, 2018 reflected that according to a 2011 government report, the following has occurred –

  • 25,000 homicides
  • 42,000 robberies
  • 70,000 sex offenses
  • 15,000 kidnappings

all caused by illegal immigrants.


In Texas, in the last seven years, 250,000 illegals were arrested and charged with 600,000 criminal offenses or a 2.4 offense per illegal.


There have been a lot of talk about how much illegals contribute to this nation.  Accordingly, I looked it up in PEW research.

This is an independent researcher that I respect.  This is what they say –

  • In 2015. There were 11 million illegal immigrants in this country.
  • Mexicans are no longer in the majority.
  • The US workforce currently uses 8 million illegal immigrants – working and paying taxes.
  • Six states have 59% of the illegals – California,Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.
  • 60% of the illegals have been in the US for greater than 10 years. .
  • 14% of the illegals have been in the US for less than five years.
  • Pew research uses the number 12.5 million illegals in a study.
  • The cost of 12.5 million illegals has increased to $116 billion annually. This is based on the Federation for American immigration reforms (FAIR).
  • FAIR says illegals pay billions in taxes. They cost seven times the amount of taxes paid.
  • They pay $19 billion in taxes but cost $135 billion annually.
  • Local governments pay the cost of the federal deficiency of failing to secure our borders.
  • Defendants received $15.4 billion in taxes and the states receive $3.5 billion in taxes.
  • New York, New Jersey, Maryland are preferred destinations because
    • Welfare programs are easily available
    • These are the states that are leaders in the sanctuary movement.
  • FAIR estimates that 20% of the illegals earnings are sent back home each year. This amounts to $7200 per year. I note that this is $90, 000,000,000 or $90 billion.  An exciseTax of 3%  would create a pool of $2.7 billion / year and in 5 years a pool of $13.4 billion – – – all paid by Mexican immigrants.  You earn money illegally in this country and send it back, then you pay the excise tax for the services received but not paid for.


The premise of the progressive is that illegals are justified due to the taxes paid.   This is a false premise –

  • They violate immigration laws.
  • They pay only a fraction of the costs incurred for – they are freeloaders
    • Police and judicial expenses
    • Welfare received
    • Education of children
    • Medical care received

Americans should be tired of losing billions of dollars every year due to illegal immigration.  It is time to end the incentives that attract illegals to this country.


Two of the biggest benefits that illegals have are free education for the children and free medical care for the entire family. This includes “latch babies”.  They do not get the quality of care or the quality of education in their native lands.   In addition, they have learned to live off of the welfare system of states and the tax credits of the federal government.   Isn’t it is about time that we shut this down and provide those kind of benefits to American citizens who are poor?


I am a first generation American. My father came here from Austria.  He had to learn English, have a job waiting for him, learn American history to pass the immigration test.  Our immigration laws need to be updated.  First, we must get a Congress to step up to their responsibilities and understand the problem, write new laws and responsibly put in place new laws that protect citizens of this nation.  Trump has been trying to get this done ever since he has been in office.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have not done their jobs.  They did not pass the nullification of Obamacare and now they have not passed reasonable immigration laws.  Trump is succeeding almost in spite of their efforts.


Visit my website – www.ravengeopolnews.com.   I have a series of 6 articles there on Immigration Reform.  It is more accurate than this since I did the research to make it accurate. [i]

[i] Joseph P. Hawranek, Ph.D., Raven Geo Political News, “Immigration Reform” , Parts 1,2,3,4,5,6, www.ravengeopolnews.com, http://ravengeopolnews.com/?s=immigration