Once a CIA Asset Always a CIA Asset

I have been around a long time.  During my 40-year working period, I have known a few CIA employees.   Now that they are retired, they still occasionally associate again with the agency.  From this, I concluded that once you are a CIA asset, you would always be an asset.  Stefan Helper has been identified as the informant/mole within the Trump administration’s organization.   His objective for the FBI was to gather information on suspected Trump – Russia connection.


He has been around a long time, as evidenced by his photo above.   A search of the Internet reveals two interesting articles.[i][ii]

John Rappaport reports that this Cambridge professor was hired by George HW Bush during the Carter administration and got caught spying.  He was caught spying from inside the Carter administration “passing classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering.”  Thus CIA operatives, managed by Harper, infiltrated the presidential campaign, spied on Jimmy Carter in his advisers, and relayed information about Carter’s foreign policy to the Reagan team.

It appears, then that Halper has been a CIA asset since the 1980 election. From what is released, the public is supposed to believe that Harper was only trying to dig up information on the Trump – Russia connection.  This is nonsense.  It was an undercover CIA spy or FBI spy put into the crust campaign to get as much information as possible.

Tyler Durden in his article specifies that Stefan Hawker was paid over $1 million by the Obama administration and he spied on Trump aide after the election. This article goes to the trouble of actually showing the pay statements made to Halper.   From the dates of the statements, it appears as if Harper was involved with the dossier that was used against Trump to institute a Russia – Trump investigation.

Recently, I have seen Internet traffic, saying that there were three moles within the Trump campaign   . The names of the other two have not come out so we are not able to trace them.

The net of all this is that Marley, ethically and legally major wrongs work committed against Donald Trump during his election campaign.   What makes this crime, particularly bad is that the investigative arm of the US government, the FBI, was used to get the mole and to pay the mole.   This means that the Obama administration was involved right up to its eyeballs in this nefarious deed…   It remains to be seen whether Obama himself ordered this action.  However, it seems reasonable that he may have.  If he did, this is a low point in all political history for the United States.   The party in power used the full arm of the US government against the candidate that was running against the incumbent.   Do not mistake the fact that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were one on this action.   This is a sad day for American politics.

I should also note that a previous president when he was they head of the CIA did the same thing against Pres. Carter.  George Bush is just as dirty as Obama.

I believe the full story need to come out to the American Republic so that actions like the stop in the future.   This is third world corruption at the highest level of our government from both parties.   Inform your friends.  Ask questions.  Take action with your representatives.   These facts are being reported. This is so soon after the event of their disclosure that the cleanup teams have not yet begun.   Rest assured they would.   Hillary Clinton’s cleanup team are masters.   They were at it for many years.  See my book, 39 Years of Clinton Scandals and Corruptions, available on my website  In this book, I make the case that Mr. Foster was probably murdered. It was not a suicide.

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