New World Order, Global Government

He rejects the New World Order established at the Cold War’s end by the United States. Putin puts Russia first. Pat Buchanan

What light does it shed on the recent bombings in London? The Second World War was a big step in a long-term program to enslave humanity in a world dictatorship run by the Illuminati (London-based monopoly capital. Henry Makow on Winston Churchill

The Illuminati supposedly have a private board of elite, interlocking delegates who control the world’s major banks. They create inflations, recessions, and depressions and manipulate the world markets, supporting certain leaders and coups and undermining others to achieve their overall goals. The supposed goal behind the Illuminati conspiracy is to create and then manage crises that will eventually convince the masses that globalism, with its centralized economic control and one-world religious ethic, is the necessary solution to the world’s woes. This structure, usually known as the “New World Order,” will, of course, be ruled by the Illuminati.


There is a battle going on for America.  Many people sense it and others are now beginning to write about it.   Porter Stansberry has a new book called The Battle for America.  [i]   In addition, Alex Jones has a new documentary called Revelation.[ii].   Found here.   Both explicitly address the New World Order.   They state that it is coming and this is what it means and we should fight to maintain this nation.

I have been researching the New World Order and have written extensively about it in my books available on and my website, here[iii]

I am not talking about Conspiracy Theory.  I am talking about a conspiracy.   I have been investigating this for a number of years and this is what I now believe.  Volume 2 of my book clearly shows that the bankers in 1913 that were behind the orchestrated and signing of the Federal Reserve act of 1913 wanted a world where they run things and control nations and people.  It is the world of the New World order and the current set of the elite bankers support this idea. The Rockefellers are the principal proponents of this philosophy in this nation. The New World order requires a fascist state where corporations are affecting control of the Congress to write and enact laws and regulations that are favorable for them to make money. Corporations control congress with money and the congress makes the laws to make the corporations a lot of money.   To control the people, they need and want a communist society. They do not have this today, but they do not want the God of the Christians to have as much power or more power than the state. Their belief is that the “state is supreme.” In all matters. My research discovered an organization called the illuminati. It concludes that the organization exists and has influenced world events for two centuries. It was founded in 1776 and continues to this day.   It influences many of the institutions of the “free” world. A relatively few very rich banking families on both sides of the Atlantic have an idea that they should rule the world population. Of course, this arrogance is based upon their wealth (mostly inherited). They must operate in secret with secret societies until they are ready to take control. Too many researchers have discovered the order and its relationship to ignore these statements. It exists, is real and is working.    I have taken the trouble to try to consolidate all of these ideas into an organization chart. Below is a rendition of the organization. I drew it up to follow what John Coleman describes in his monumental work,

New World Order, Global Government

The committee of 300. The New World order is the focus of the above secret organizations.     They are currently working to achieve the illuminati aims.   It is a loose confederation of some of the richest people on earth.  They probably do not take orders from one another, but rather take suggestions.  They follow suggestions because their goal is the same – one world government with a few good men at the top (themselves of course).

The power that these people wield means that the suggestions oftentimes become law in various nations on earth. The Dodd Frank law of “Too big to fail” now exists in all G20 countries for instance.  Notice that I have the organization with the Queen at the top because much of the money that has supported this organization over the last hundred years and came from the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  Cecil Rhodes objectives are clearly stated and they are coming to life.  He left his fortune to create a New World order with the Queen at the top.  He wanted to establish the British Empire ruling the world again with the Queen at the top.  Before he died, he created the Roundtable, which in turn gave birth to the Council on Foreign Relations.  The critical conference started creating the secret organizations in each nation.  This is all documented and explained in John Coleman’s book COMMITTEE OF 300.  Is available on the Internet by just downloading it…

For further explanation of my beliefs. See my book, or read John Coleman’s outstanding work. He spent a lifetime documenting and researching the illuminati.

Before leaving this section, I would like to say that David Rockefeller established the trilateral commission, was one of the first chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations and funded it in its initial years.  He is a very firm believer in the New World order where a few men rule the world. Of course, we can assume that he expects to be one of those men.   “Power corrupts” and the total power of the moneyed rich corrupts absolutely.

It appears to me, that the Council of Foreign Relations is used to control the policies of the United States government. There is an open door between state department positions and the Council of Foreign relation experts.   Further, researchers have shown that the Council of Foreign Relations vets all presidential candidates.   Accordingly, the Council of Foreign Relation does not care whether Republican or Democrat wins because their candidate will win.   Whoever gets into the presidency will gradually move the nation toward socialism, get rid of God in schools and civil institutions and move the country towards the 10 tenets of communism.  Over the last hundred years, you can follow the progress of the illuminati goals by following the men that come out of the Council of Foreign Relations and ran the US State Department.   Most Secretary of State Appointees have been former CFR members.

Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench into the goals and progress of the illuminati.  First, he does not believe in world government.  He believes in the USA being first.   Since being in office, he has reversed most of the significant Obama presidential executive order dictates.   He reversed most of the regulations Obama put in place. He reduces the taxes. Further, he is put the underclass back to work.   The Blacks and Hispanics and the under privileged can now find jobs where before they could not.   The Obama socialism is great for wishful thinkers, but it does not work. Economically.   Businessman’s individual free enterprise capitalism works.   The record of the last year demonstrates that clearly.

The Communist Party and its theory call for a revolution to institute their control over the nation. The illuminate believe in communism.  Thus, they many use this next election to make their move to try to take over this nation.

The illuminati bankers that will enable the crash and the takeover of the government by bankers have done a number of things.   First among these is the Dodd Frank Act 2010.   It provides for “bail ins” that allows governments sponsored banks to take over other banks and financial institutions so that they “do not fail”. The “too big to fail” concept was introduced by that black letter law. Since then all the details of how it should work and what happens had been put into regulations supporting that law..   The concept was first tested in Cyprus for its bank failure, then it was extended to Spain and the UK.   The concept has been tested multiple times.   It is ready to be used to take over the world.   Basically, the law says that certain banks are so important that they are too big to fail.  Governments cannot allow them to fail.  Consequently, they will be protected by the government.   In order to do this, the government will allow certain banks to take the assets of other banks and corporations and use them to make themselves safe from bankruptcy so that they are sound and whole again. In this way, they will not fail but the other banks and corporations will go out of existence. People will lose all their deposits and get stock in a bankrupt bank in return.   It is a case of where “the big fish eat the little fish”   it has now become formalized into our laws and serves as a safety net for the largest banks who caused the world problem of debt to survive when the debt starts failing.  I expect to see several thousand banks disappear into the Federal Reserve banks in the same manner as ti did in the 30s.

I must point out that  the too big to fail banks are the ones that caused this problem by selling their debt to the Federal Reserve in the Quantitative Easing rip off of the citizens. The FED reserve debt is now $4 trillion.

My books, Who’s Next?, describe how the failure most likely will be done via the failure of certain derivatives in the 1.2 quadrillion ($1,200 trillion) derivative debt insanity that is not payable by anyone.  When the debt bubble bursts, savings, retirement plans and businesses will go “poof” but the largest banks will survive because they changed the law to protect themselves.   The only solution to this insanity is to reenact the Glass Steagall Act of 1933 that was removed by Bill Clinton and his banker friends in about 2010.   The law provides for separation of retail and commerce banking and disallows banks of owning insurance companies as they do today.  It worked from 1933 to 2010 and controlled banking. We had no derivatives and no large debts.  Since then, the nation has gone from zero to 1.2 quadrillion dollars in derivative debt.  When it bursts, you should expect the Dodd Frank “too big to fail” law to become live and begin to “wag its tail” because of all the assets, big banks will now get from medium and small banks. .


Porter’s new book has two parts.  The first part describes what he sees coming in the 2020 election and its aftermath.  I hope he is wrong but he always does his homework and is usually right.   The second part is an investment advisory for Middle America as to how to save and grow their money during these volatile financial times. Both are well done.

In the first part, he predicts that the next election will cause the biggest financial crises in U.S. history.   He centers on Senator Kamala Harris, a California firebrand.  He paints the picture that the Democratic Party wants back into power and they see a way to get it using her as the instrument to destroy Donald Trump, individualism, capitalism and Republican democracy. On the one hand, Donald Trump has done an amazing job of turning this country around by instituting tax reductions, putting people back to work and national security with demilitarizing North Korea.   On the other hand, he has done nothing except reverse virtually all of the Obama Executive orders.   He removed the negative attitude toward business and made it positive by tax reductions, eliminating   regulatory constraints, removal of TPP, authorizing the pipeline from Canada and listening to and encouraging business that wanted to “come back home”.  The general climate for reestablishing business and plants in America has done a 180 from the Obama administration.

What Stansbury sees happening is the Democrats will focus on the theoretical fault line of democracy.   The founding fathers of this nation abhorred democracy.  They created a republic rather than a straight democracy.   They realized that democracies were great until the general citizen woke up and realized that if they asked for the impossible and unreasonable that their representatives would give it to t hem if they in return got their vote.  The democrats have figured out that the largest bloc of voters in the U.S. is the debt-burdened millennials.   They were the power behind Bernie Sanders.

The democrats have figured out that if they hit the millennials’ “hot buttons” the progressives will be back in office and they will be in power again.

To win the election, one has to (1) get a good candidate, (2) work the power brokers before the next election, (3) have a program that will unify and appeal to the large base of millennials, (4) put the advertising money behind it and win.

Let us examine these points. I will not address (4) because the democrats have always been able to raise money.   First, the candidate is Sen. Kamala Harris, a progressive liberal Senator from California.   This is what Barak Obama said about her

“She is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough. In addition, she is exactly what you want n anybody administering the law, and making certain that everybody is getting a fair shake. She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general in the country.”

To add to her credentials –

  • She is writing a book that describes her underdog story and political agenda.
  • Today she headlines public fundraising Democratic Party events and has raised millions of dollars for the Democratic Party.
  • She gives commencement speeches to left-leaning universities and appears on highly viewed talk shows.
  • She is creating a campaign team anchored by former Hillary Clinton aides.
  • She formally rejected large corporation PAC money and has created an online grassroots small donor fundraising strategy.

Porter Stansberry feels that she can make the announcement anytime now.   She was a new name for me and possibly many of you but she is doing everything right.

The Democratic Party and her program are very simple and elegant.  It has gone breathtaking Santa Claus.  Two generations of Americans and mostly all of the millennials have been raised in a government-controlled school system that has one tenet – if there is a problem in the nation; look for the government to solve it.

Remember, the millennials are debt burdened with $1.3 trillion of college debt.   The bankers made certain before they ran up that tally that the students could not declare bankruptcy.   They changed the bankruptcy law.  Thus, this is a major “hook” into the entire generation of millennials. They are in deep debt, which slows down their life – new car, marriage, new house. They are angry.

The platform for the democratic party follows.  Remember, Stansbury has done his homework and this is what the democrats in power are thinking about – These are the most radical policies in politics that America has ever seen.  They are geared to get votes not make America better. This is clearly a vote getting appeal to the millennials.

  • A debt jubilee for the masses.
  • Medicare for all.
  • A universal basic income.

First, let us briefly review what would happen if she was elected and the above policies were instituted –

  • Your savings would be wiped out.
  • The stock market crash by 50% or more.
  • Bailins would be instituted taking the money from your accounts that you have placed in the bank for safekeeping. This money would be taken and used to save the banks. The bank owns your money if you deposited it with them is the current law.
  • The way of life you have enjoyed the last 40 to 50 years will end.  This would disrupt your retirement.
  • Retired people on fixed income with little or no savings would be devastated.

The above is not a very pretty picture. However, it is reality.

It is likely that they will win since their tenets have been selected to appeal to the majority vein of voters.  When it happens, the economy and the stock market will crash.  People’s savings will be gone when the banks steal their money based on bail ins. Let us look at each in turn –

Debt Jubilee –

The overhang of debt in Europe and the US has made recovery from the 20087 global financial crisis particularly difficult.   Is there a dramatic way out of this?   “A debt Jubilee” has been proposed because it is a dramatic simple way out of all this bank debt.  Some argue that there is – a “debt jubilee”. Drawn from the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy, the concept derives from the biblical injunction for a day of rest one day out of every week, a “Sabbath” day that reflects the teaching the God rested on the seventh day after creating the world in six.

The jubilee year is a moral and religious issue concept, not an economic one, and was not practiced in fact.  However, it has been an inspiration to the modern debt jubilee movement and the progressives who drop the religious context but makes political and economic (and to a degree moral) arguments for extinguishing all or at least some of the debts the world is currently drowning in.

With debts forgiven, governments, households and individuals could spend the money currently devoted to interest and principal repayments on consumption, which would, in turn, increase economic demand and encourage economic growth, and eventually take the world economy out of constant crisis.

Two basic questions arise: is a debt jubilee really a new idea, and would it work?

There is some precedent for debt relief as a solution to economic crisis. Perhaps the most famous example was the campaign launched by U2 rock star Bono to provide debt relief to developing countries.  Bono was a major public face of a coalition called Jubilee 2000, which managed to get the G8 group of major economies to commit to write off $100 billion in developing country debts for developing nations. The idea has similar foundations to the current debt jubilee movement, except it was  much narrower in focus.

Therefore, there is a precedent for debt forgiveness but in narrow individual cases.  However, would the widespread and broad application of such forgiveness as called for by the Democrats debt jubilee movement actually work?

The experience of a developing country’s debt forgiveness suggests that forgiveness there did have the desired effect of freeing up resources in low-income countries, which could then go to more pressing development needs. However, some resources thus freed up were wasted anyway and an argument was made that forgiving loans frittered away by government merely encourages such recklessness in the future. This certainly could be a risk for a modern debt jubilee.

Imagine if all Greek government debt was cancelled. The Greek economy would be better off, but all the banks who made the loans could well be wiped out.  The banks control major positions of power within this nation and they would fight to not give a jubilee.  On the other hand, the Congress listens to 1 million millennial voters.

So is a debt jubilee the answer to our woes — a providential gift, so to speak? From an economic perspective, the answer is likely to be no — at least for a full version of it. However, there might be an argument for targeted debt forgiveness or at least lenient and well-ordered bankruptcies containing forgiveness in especially acute cases.

On the other hand, debt forgiveness to an individual would be a no brainer if all he had to do were vote for a specific candidate.  This is a winner for the Democratic Party.

Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders and Senator Sanders recently introduced a bill in Congress, which specified “Medicare for all”.  President Carter vocalizing other Democrats said, “The lack of universal health care coverage should be a national scandal.”  The democrats never ask how much it will cost or pinpoint where the money comes from.  Rather, it is a desire so it must be done.   It is like a child talking, “I want”.

Before retirement, I lived in Scottsdale, AZ for 30 years.  During that period, I talked with many Canadians who came to the U/S. for their medical care.  They came for two simple reasons.  In their native country, they were put on lists to be seen way out in time.  Second, they were disappointed with the medical care that they received.  The best medical care in the world is in America and generally it is expensive but it is available.   Your waits are reasonable and not many months away as in Canada or the UK…

The British socialist system of medicine and the Canadian system are congruent as to how they operate.  Generally, everyone is served.   Long waits are customary.    Mediocre medicine is expected,   it is not by accident that the rich and well to do from UK and Canada come to the U.S. to get their medical treatment.  There is a good reason.

This program would decimate the medical profession.  It would mean lower incomes, fixed rates and fewer incentives to study for 7-9 years to learn your profession.  This will lead to a shortage of doctors, less trained and less incentivized to provide unique and outstanding service.  Good doctors will leave the system.

This one appeals to all those low-income voters who cannot afford to buy insurance.  They still vote.  It would appeal to many of the Millenials as well.  Recently, the insurance rates and costs of medicine have been accelerating at an alarming rate.

Accordingly, this proposal has broad-based support and will get a lot of votes for those that think the government does a good job and will relieve them from this expense – which is most Americans.    Again, this is a winner for vote gathering in the Democratic Party.


Universal Basic Income

The only place that I can find where this has happened is in Sweden.  It was just suspended as being too expensive for that progressing liberal society.

For the 5% who cannot or will not find work this is a godsend.  It is truly a “something for nothing” scenario.   On the one hand, this is crazy.  Yet, it has appeal when one considers what is happening in automation.   Given a fixed number of years away, and this numbers is probably less than 100, the world will need far fewer laborers because robots will be able to do their jobs.   Ultimately, the governments of the world may have to resort to something like this for the “unemployable labor force” or the underemployed labor force.

Today, everyone should be able to find a job.  Thus, this giveaway is socialist.   When one looks at socialist nations that were integrated such as East and West Germany, one is struck by the attitude of the East Germans.  Many did not get work because they expected the government to provide the work and to tell them what to do.  They were emotionally unprepared to look for work on their own.  They never had to do so…   In addition, since it was a socialist workforce, the West Germans found that the East Germans factories were poorly taken care of and were “run down”.   See my book on this topic – The Differences between Socialism and Capitalism.[iv] Finally, it turned out that management knew little to nothing about manufacturing but they became astute politicians because that is how they got their next job.

The socialists want a social economy not subject to any discipline much less that of profit maximization.   Tesla CEO Elon Mush believes that it is inevitable that the U.S. will have to implement universal income…   He says, “I don’t believe that we are going to have a choice.” 


The democratic platform is a winner.  Why?  Not only does it make the government become Santa Claus; it fulfills the millennials 20 years of public education training promise.   The students for the last 40 year have been taught to believe, “if you have a problem, ask government.  The Government will fix it.”  No study of simple economics, no study of the capitalist free enterprise for profit system leads to these wish lists.   Ignorance is bliss.  “Not to worry – be happy” The government will take care of me.

We in America who understand the capitalist system that grew this nation as individualism, hard work, capital intensive and profits based on revenue less expenses now have a generation of “have nots” that want what the “haves” have without work.  This is socialist propaganda but it works to get votes. It does not work to run an economy.

No socialist society has ever worked.   Socialism has two basic flaws – the producers support the non-producers and the lack of a pricing system.  No human being is smart enough to be in DC and set the production and prices for all the products we have in this nation.    It takes a price system where managers can use reason to determine what is economical to produce or not.

The Democrats are liable to win this next big election using this platform.  If they do, then America as we know it is dead.  You will lose most if not all of your savings.  Producers will be taken advantage of and non-producers will receive something for nothing but their vote.

If Stansbury is correct, we should start seeing ads by the Democratic Party promoting this new Nirvana where this is the best of worlds in a real world of free enterprise competition.

If you agree with me, send this to your friends and others who might make a difference.

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