Modern education has devoted itself to the teaching of impudence, and then we complain that we can no longer control our mobs. John Ruskin

People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs. Alexei Sayle


There are too many senior citizens and good residents in Chicago who are sick and tired of having to walk several blocks out of their way when they leave their homes just to avoid the gangs and drug dealers on the street corner. Rahm Emanuel


Religion is the idol of the mob; it adores everything it does not understand. Frederick the Great



The press is full of stories with photographs of the approaching mob on the Mexican US border.   Trump has taken noticed and has threatened to order the military to keep them

out of the country.  The left is saying he cannot legally do this.   I believe that is nonsense.  He has a legal responsibility to protect our borders as the President of the United States per the constitution. On the other hand, he also has other options.  Here are some of them –

  • Make all illegals in the mob apply for amnesty. He has options here:
    • In their home country
    • At the US embassy in Mexico
    • At the border here
  • Allow them in but put them in detention camps until their amnesty is approved.


On the Internet, are multiple stories with videos of men paying mothers with children to join the march.   Their claim is that this is happening in Honduras.  Here is one example – They removed it after I posted it.   Check it out on internet yourself –


I point out that the internet stories reference George Soros as the moneybags. No proof is provided.   I also point out that this entire operation could have been staged.   Emotions are high.   The sense of what is right for this nation is also high.   The liberals feel as follows –

  • Create sanctuary cities
  • Let the people into the cities
  • Eliminate ICE and its laws

The conservatives feel

  • Protect our borders
  • Build the wall
  • Send them back to their native counties of origin.
  • Do not accept them into country unless they become legal immigrants and go through the process,


The MOB is scheduled to descend on the border close to election day.  Suspicion is that the Democrats are orchestrating this with their special money backers such as Soros.


Only two options exist

  • Let them in – – – -and violate U.S. Laws
  • Let them in and take care of them, which is expensive.
  • Let them in and encourage others to come in other MOBS.


  • Keep them out per our laws and save money and expense and discourage others to try.

I vote for the latter.   I am a first generation American because my father immigrated to this country from Austria.  He had to learn English, have a job, take and pass a course on American history.  He did that because he accepted American ideals and wanted to live in this country to raise his family.  I am certainly glad that he did.  This is truly the land of opportunity.   However, one must work to achieve success.   That is America.


These people contain elements of the MS-13 gang.  The Texas Government wrote a report titled, “Texas Gang Threat Assessment”, August 2015.   In this report, they monitor 20 gangs in Texas.   The MS-13 gang is listed as Tier 1.  The list goes to 3 levels of Tiers.   These are bad people.  The gang was formed on the streets of Los Angeles in the 1980s as a way for the Salvadorian immigrants to protect themselves from other street gangs in the area.  MS-13 I is arguably the most recognized transnational street gang in the world with ongoing command, control, and coordination between gang leaders in several different countries. Texas reports that the increase in violent activity in Texas along with the increasing number of illegal members crossing into the state resulted in the increase in the overall increase in the gang’s threat level.


The Texas study has revealed that one of the most serious issues facing public safety is the relationship developed between gangs and the Mexican cartels. The relationship enhances and widens the gangs’ scope of criminal activity. A few examples of what MS 13 engages in our home invasions, assassinations, and kidnapping, which are performed on behalf of cartels. Cartel relationship increases the resources and profitability along with the violence for all criminal parties involved. As these relationships strengthen, so does the threat to public safety.


Gangs across Texas, which include the MS 13, engage in human trafficking. This includes commercial sex trafficking and compelling prostitution to both adult and minor victims. The potential for high, sustainable profits and a perceived low risk of detection appeals to many gang members and their cartel associates as a good business.  Gang members recruit and groom victims with false promises of love, affection, employment, and family lifestyle, but continuously compel their victims through physical force, fraud, and emotional coercion to participate in prostitution.


In September 2014, bounty Hunter and bloods member Keith Williams (age 59) was sentenced by US district judge in Dallas to 262 months of federal prison for sex trafficking with the minor.   Williams girlfriend, Erin Patton, was convicted of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a minor and was sentenced to 87 months in federal prison. In September 2012, a 14-year-old minor met Patton, who introduced her to Williams, who in turn posted her availability on the Internet. Williams engaged in sex with this minor until she ran away.



Texas is a large state and what was found within their boundaries I believe could characterize what would happen within the United States,  If we allow a mob of gang members to enter this country.   Here are some of the highlights of the Texas Report executive summary –

  • Gangs represent a significant public safety threat to Texas due to the propensity for violence and heightened level of criminal activity. Of the incarcerated gang members within the Texas Department of criminal justice prisons, over 60% are serving a sentence for violent crimes, including robbery (24%), homicide (16%), and assault/terrorist threat (15%). The population size was 100,000 gang members.
  • Tier 1 gangs in Texas include the Mara Salvatrucha ( MS – 13) (estimated 800 members).
  • Gangs in Texas are active in both human smuggling and human trafficking operations.  Gang members have direct relationships with Mexican cartels. Gang members are involved in human trafficking, including commercial sex trafficking and compelling prostitution of adults and minors, exploit their victims through force, fraud, or coercion, including recruiting and grooming them with false promises of affection, employment, or a better life.
  • Mexican cartels regularly use Texas gangs for the purpose of illicit cross-border smuggling.  Members of tier 1 gang such as MS 13 are recruited and tasked by cartels to carry out acts of violence in both Texas and Mexico.
  • Traditional rivalries between gangs continue to diminish as members take advantage of opportunities to collaborate and achieve common criminal objectives and make more money. The Texas law enforcement observed that gang members with hybrid relationships of being members of multiple gangs, provides an increasing challenge to identifying and investigating between multiple gangs and present increasing challenges to identify and investigate gang activity.

In short, gang members from alien countries come into this country as illegals and join the U.S. gang that they were members of in Latin America.  They then have contacts in multiple countries.  They use these contacts to make money in human trafficking, drug running, murder and other crimes that they were recruited for by the drug Cartels.

I live about 40 miles north of Juarez which is across the Rio Grand from El Paso.   Little known is that El Paso is the safest city in America for murders.  They  have virtually zero every year.  However, across the border, Juarez has about 36,000 murders per year or roughly 10 per day.   Why?   No one says but I believe that the drug gang leaders work in Juarez but live in El Paso.  It is a “do not touch” zone for the bad guys.


The MOB that is approaching our border contains good and bad people.   Outwardly, we would have to break laws to let them into this country.   They have no rights here and we have no obligation to provide a sanctuary for them.  The press is trying to paint a negative picture about this mob as being Trump’s fault and no matter how he handles it, they will paint a negative picture.  Thus, he should handle it honestly and keep them out, make them apply to come in legally via amnesty or immigration applications.    He has not obligation to be nice about it.  This is our country.  We have an obligation to the citizens of this country to protect them from illegals from any country. The Texas report documents that the MS-13 gang has used these illegal entries before as a way to enter this country illegally.  This report was based on a massive and thorough examination of the gangs in the State of Texas.  The MS-13 gang is a prominent Tier 1 Texas gang.

This is a photo shoot for the liberal press to lie about and try to paint Trump negatively. The American people have gotten used to their distortions and lies.   They know that Trump will try to protect our borders and honor this nation.  In time, the truth will come out that many of these people who do not have work were paid to participate in this march.  It is not a spontaneous outpouring of people. It is an organized mob being used  by ultra liberals to stress our immigration laws and as an excuse to make Trump and ICE look bad.