The title of this article is not a joke.   Rather Rep Nunes has asked that John Kerry be arrested for Treason.  He bases his charges on the fact that John Kerry has met with foreign nationals trying to advise them and get them to continue the Iran anti-nuclear agreement.  This is contrary to the current US government policy and Donald Trump’s action to walk away from the Iran treaty.   As such, he should be arrested and tried for treason per the Logan Act.  This in effect says that only official government employees can negotiate a treaty not private citizens.    Will he be?  Not likely.   We have a dual justice system.   Hillary Clinton will not go to jail.  Neither will John Kerry.  Our criminal justice system will not work as long as we have the Democratic Party via Obama and Clinton organizing a “resistance” to the Trump administration.

I have felt since the 70s that John Kerry was a traitor.   Why?   I listened to his testimony before Congress shown here

He testified that the US tortured North Vietnamese troops.  He said that he had been to Paris and talked to North Vietnamese negotiators about peaceful resolution.  This specifically violates the Logan Act.

He represented that he had a Silver Star and a Purple Heart with two clusters (wounded three times).   Do yourself a favor and do an internet search of John Kerry and his war record.   This too is a fabrication.  Many charge that he was orchestrating the system to make a record for his political career.  It was an extension of his Skull and Bones (Yale) charter to become prominent in American Politics such as George Bush (also Skull and Bones).  Others would help him in Congress and business.

He reported that Americans cut off ears and tortured Vietnamese.   He made these charges without a single instance of proof.   False statements but he gets away with it because no one stood up and forced an investigation.

For the record, I am a Vietnam Vet.   I served this nation and am proud of what I did over a four-year period.   I was on the Minuteman Launch team. This was a development of the Minuteman missile.  I completed the development of Minuteman I and Minuteman II.  I have felt for many decades that America was safe because of some of the work that I did.

I also had comrades who served in Vietnam in combat.   I feel that John Kerry did them and me a disservice with his Congressional testimony.   Never did he use facts.  It was all opinion and his statements as to what was true.   He freely violated the Logan act and related it to our Congress and they did nothing.  He said in his testimony:

  • Americans do not care
  • American soldiers tortured captured Vietnamese


At issue here is not whether the US should be in the Vietnamese war.   Rather, at issue here, is that an individual (John Kerry) acted to override our entire Republican democratic System of government.    The US elected Donald Trump.  He walked away from the Iran deal since it was so one sided.  I realize that John Kerry negotiated this deal along with Barack Obama.   Recognize that at least 60 million people put this man in office. It is our democratic republican system.  It works if you allow it to work.   If you disagree with the man at the top and his decisions, use the ballot box and replace him.  That is precisely what the American people did by replacing Obama / Hillary / Kerry with Donald Trump and his team.   Further, anyone who reads the Iran treaty (as I did) that believes that this was a good treaty from the standpoint of America – – – does not think.  Only a zealot for Iran and their desires would ever think this treaty was good for America and the rest of the world.  It is about time that some of the leadership of this nation obey the law like the rest of us.  Otherwise – face the consequences.   I agree with Nunes.