Hillary Clinton has been dodging indictment bullets for 39 years.[i]  She continues to this day.  She and Obama left their supporters in office when they left.  Basically, this is what happened –

  • Obama cleaned out the CIA and NSA of conservatives. They replaced them with liberal supporters.  These progressives are liberal democrats in their beliefs.   They are 100% supporters of Hillary Clinton. They are actively trying to do the opposite of anything that Trump wants.   They are the “Resistance”.  They want a one world government and Trump wants a strong nation state.
  • Obama within a month of leaving office, by executive order, made all the political appointees in office, full time civil service employees. This is dramatic. Hundreds of people that normally left office in a new administration stayed in office and are now resisting the president in all his pronouncements.
  • Trump has let the resistors show their true colors by their actions. He then fired them or removed them from office. However this is in the tens not the hundreds or thousands. Accordingly, Trump has a cadre of Hillary and Obama followers who are loyal to them bur they are in office. These are policy positions not clerks.   This is the deep state – large numbers of government policy white collar workers that are more loyal to Hillary Clinton, Democratic party and Obama than the legally elected president of the United States.
  • Trump has been playing a waiting game. When is he going to move?  He has the authority to fire and remove major sections of the resistance movement.   He has removed a few heads of organizations.   However, the majority of the old school are still in office.
  • The Fed has been very negative to Trump. They keep raising interest rates in the face of a slowing economy. However, he has replaced the majority of the Fed officers including the chairman.  The Fed policies act like the deep state.   They support policies that are one world government supportive.  This raises the question what is going on in Trump’s mind.   Is he setting up the FED for when the financial crash arrives?  It is possible.   To save the country, he needs to abolish the Fed and put all Fed functions in the Treasury. He also needs to change the currency and place a vision of old infrastructure replacement  and new infrastructure ideas that will require full Treasury support not tepid support from the Fed.  It will require a lot of money.   Further, he must counteract the moves of China in their modern maritime road initiative.   I use the word must rather then should. I think that this is a mandatory requirement.
  • Trump has not been idle. He has signaled a number of things to the deep state that should have scared them. During the Supreme Court Cavanaugh hearing, Lindsey Graham spent 5 minutes questioning Cavanaugh about the legality of military tribunals on indictments of government employees. Cavanaugh quoted case law that supported this action.
  • The deep state is deeply concerned that Trump would fire Rod Rosenstein. They feel that this would be obstruction of Justices since he overseas the Mueller investigation.   When Rosenstein met Trump on the Air Force One on the trip to Florida, they were in a Skif – a secure space – where they could exchange information.  Rod Rosenstein and his wife have been playing in the deep state for some time.   Dave Janda, Operation Funding, says that other players suggested that he wear a wire.  Giulianni has ties at all levels of the Justtice department.   He got wind of the wire.   He approached Rosenstein.   I heard about this and I think you should work for us.  Dave Janda believes that he wore the wire on the deep state.   Further, he passed on this information during the Air Force One flight.
  • Jeff Sessions appointed a grand jury investigator, Huber in Utah, to investigate   Criminal activity of people of household names.  Jeff Sessions, Oct 28, Session appoints Rosenstein to investigate MS 13 investigation and prosecution.   First domino was Cavenaugh, you will be a rule of law guy.   5:4 Supreme Court majority.  In addition, 53 circuit judges have been approved, 29 district judges – all who have agreed to go back to “rule of law”.
  • When Trump moves on declassification of documents, Huber will move with his indictments, and treason and sedition indictments will flow.   The judges now believe in the constitution, have no control files on them.  There will be fair trials.

In the face of the above, we have Hillary with clear felony violations while she is not being investigated much less indicted. Some of rhe felonies are –

  1. 18 classified emails were found on the Weiner laptop.   The Justice department tried to cover this up but was stopped.
  2. Dosier was paid for by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee.  It was created by a Russian spy hired by Hillary and her cutout.  It was leaked by Carter (MD)  It was given to him by McCain. In fact multiple dossiers exist with the purpose of destroying Trump.
  3. The FISA warrants on Carter Page required hearings.  They were not held which is a felony.
  4. McCain got the IRS to investigate the conservative political.  He used his staffer, Henry Kerner, and gave him directions to “Audit so that it becomes financially ruinous.”  
  5. There are many additional emails that were discovered that were classified. They have heen exposed but not investigated.

It now appears as if Trump has set this up to win.  If the Huber findings were put before the old type of judges (their opinion) rather than “rule of law” judges, nothing would have happened.  Today we have conservative judges, imminent removal of security classification on critical documents, indictments about to be announced after the declassified documents are digested, military tribunals being formed and a stage being set to remove the Fed as our central bank.

Finally, after writing on the Hillary crimes for the last three years, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel that is labeled justice.   If my analysis is correct, this is a masterful play by Trump to, as he said to Hillary on the campaign trail, to “see you in jail”

Many of my articles are on my site, www.ravengeopolnews.com.  There are over 200 articles on the site.  There is also a search engine that allows you to put in the word “Hillary” and find everything including her orchestrations of evil in Benghazi, Clinton Fund and Fast and Furious.

The Clinton gang has been free too long in the face of their open felonies.

In conclusion, it appears as if 2019 could bring a lot to the forefront including a possible financial collapse.

[i] Joseph P. Hawranek, 39 Years of Clinton Scandals and Corrupt1ons, Raven Geo Political News, www.ravengeopolnews.com, 2017