Trump Dossier ScandalGeneral Kelly calls for a Special Prosecutor for Hillary Clinton – – To determine

  • Uranium One deal
  • $140 million donation to Clinton Fund
  • FBI itself should be under investigation because of Hillary’s emails which they said was ok since she did not have intent
  • Mueller Himself (as former FBI director at the time of the transfer) for signing off on the Uranium One sale to Russia

I agree – – basically there are six things that should be investigated

  1. Fast and Furious – – – records that AG refused to give to Congress and received the first Contempt of Congress citation in the history of U.S. for a cabinet Officer
  2. Benghazi – – – missing emails on the private server at Hillary’s residence – – – 60,0000
  3. DNC contract where Hillary interred with election and stole the primary from Bernie Sanders
  4. Trump Dossier that was initiated, bought and paid for by Hillary using DNC funds.  It was completely false in every regard and used the Russian intelligence to pose as a front for the false stories that she included in the Dossier.  She paid $9 million for the Dossier.  It was used to justify putting Mueller in as a Special Prosecutor of Donald Trump and try to get him removed.
  5. Uranium One where 20 % of American uranium one mining was sold to Russia and uranium was sent to Canada and then Europe and possibly to Iran and N Koreagut not verified as yet.
  6. Clinton Fund that received $140 million from Uranium One Canadian billionaire friend of Bill Clinton presumably for closing the Uranium One deal.

These are all real with solid factual evidence. In fact an informant is now available to testify on Uranium one and other bribes.  Eric Holder, AG and Obama had put a hold on his testimony.  That has now been released and he has a lot of evidence that will start being released behind doors this week.