Joseph P. Hawranek, Ph.D.


May 1 2019

President Trump’s cry of “Drain the Swamp” during his rallies reflects not only his frustration but also the publics concerning how this country is being run.  Unbelievably, it started with Richard Nixon whose battle cry was that he was going to get the bureaucracy of the Executive branch under control.  The bureaucracy revolted and effectively threw him out of office within two years of his landslide victory at the election booth.  This marks the time when the governance of this nation swung from a political basis of the election booth to the permanent bureaucracy in DC.


John Marini, in a recent IMPRIMIS article, “Politics by Other Means: The Use and Abuse of Scandal”[i]   In this article, he documents the Nixon era where Nixon ran on the theme of controlling the out of control bureaucracy in DC.  Nixon won by a landslide but the administrative government rose against him and he was thrown out of office within two years.  This was the era of “Deep Throat” who was Mark Felt, a high-level FBI insider who had access to Top Secret information and leaked critical information to Woodward so that it formulated a case against Nixon.   As a result, the administrations since then and the leaders of both parties tend to accommodate the deep state government employee bureaucracy.  The centralized executive bureaucracy has become the central feature of government.   Centralized rule and procedure making has replaced legislative law.   He says, “. . . this transformation of how we are governed was accomplished administratively, through the bureaucracy and the courts, rather than politically – with Congress passing legislation supported by the majority of the American people.”  One only needs to listen to the Trump rallies and the crowd’s cries of “Drain the Swamp”, to realize that Trump has hit upon a key belief in the electorate base.   Indeed, he has attempted to drain it with the oval office.  He has removed 40 regulations for every one he has enacted.  He has been busy undoing a lot of the damage created by Obama who wanted to rule by regulations.  In this way, Obama tried to avoid the courts and Congress and made himself an emperor in his “regal” regulation dictates.  He did not believe that the next president would undo much of his damage made to our Constitutional government.   Trump has significantly changed much of the Obama regulations from the restrictions on drilling to EPA nonsensical rules.    He did not change everything but he did a lot.


We see today a two-year Mueller attempt to destroy an elected president using the legal rather than a political process of adjudication.  His entire legal team was made up of zealot Democratic legal people who hated Trump.  The Internet lists them and their relationship to the Democratic machine. At least two donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign.  It is significant and a tribute to the legal process that in spite of their bias they found Trump not guilty.  The most that they could do is say he might have obstructed justice – their investigation.    The new attorney general, Barr, closed that opening by saying that there was not enough evidence to even investigate obstruction of justice.  Case closed.  However, it was not. The bureaucracy continued to try to remove Trump but ran into a tough New Yorker who was screaming the “press is crooked” and they are “lying”.  He has been successful with the American people.  They believed him as the evidence arose about the biased press and the deep state enmity.   The public now believes the press is dishonest.  Further, they are angry with the Democratic congressmen who will not let this go and continue to harass Trump with made up allegations and subcommittee investigations.   They know that Congressmen will do anything to get in front of a camera.  Unfortunately for the Congressmen, it makes them appear as little people more interested in partisan politics rather than doing their jobs and addressing major problems such as immigration along the southern border. Millions of illegals are entering the country and free loading.  The worker blue-collar workers and many legal Mexican immigrants know this is wrong and will probably vote against the Democrats in the next election.  Now let us address the swamp.


The Swamp is a term that Trump made famous in his rallies by saying that he would go to DC and “drain the swamp”.   The crowds loved it because they know it is happening.  It is almost unbelievable but true that the bureaucracy is so out of control that they have appointed (not elected) judges within the EPA that have hearings on citizen offenders of their regulations.   Thus, they make the regulation as law, arrest offenders, try the offenders and put offenders in jail or fine them.  This is the basis for the nonsense of a farmer that is 40 miles from the nearest city going to jail because he built a pond on his property.  This is a bureaucracy with no supervision and no election.  It makes our country a dictatorship by administrators not a democracy.


I searched for a good definition of what and who the swamp is within our government. The best source turned out to be Jim Rickards, a former CIA economist, who now works for Agora Financial, a news magazine in finance.   Jim wrote an interesting article called, “Trump vs. The Resistance: The Fight for the 2020 Has Begun.”[ii]This article provides deep insight as to what is happening.  I will highlight the content here but if interested, you should read the article. It is excellent.


First, Rickards notes that the resistance is more like a coup d’état than a resistance. They want and work towards the removal of a duly elected president – Donald Trump.  It started with the attempt to get electors in the Electoral College to ignore the voters in their states and vote for Hillary Clinton.  Trump won the Electoral College by 304-227.   She came close when two electors from Texas voted for John Kasich and Ron Paul rather than Trump.   The electoral votes are not guaranteed.  They use their own judgment.  After the failed Electoral College coup, the swamp went to the fake Russian dossier created and paid for by the Democratic Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.  The idea was to embarrass Trump into resigning. The whole concept was childish and shows the nature of the swamp leadership.


Once Trump was sworn in as President, the media and the swamp assault on Trump continued. The purpose was to make his administration dysfunctional and set the groundwork for the 2020 election with a history of non-accomplishments.


The globalists are a loose confederation of 3 parts: (1) The deep state, (2) The resistance and (3) The media.  Both sides prepared for a long battle.   I have written before that this is a fight between Nationalism vs Globalism.  The swamp and their backers want globalization. The globalization that they want is central control of everyone on earth.   Think of the 1.2 billion people in the Chinese nation and their government. That is their model.  It is one where an emperor that a small political party (communist) cadre puts into power.  They want centralized control of everything and no God except the state.  God is replaced by the state as the authority on everything,   Trump and his followers want nationalism or “America First” with individual freedom apart from government control as well as the freedom of believing in a God.


The deep state consists of nameless bureaucrats, many of whom are lifetime government employees. Their political views are democratic and progressive.   They believe in globalism, which is no borders, free immigration, centralized control of the state because it gives them more power and the government controls everything.  Think of the socialist concepts of the European states (that failed).


The deep state methodology of fighting trumps is –

  • Hiding documents
  • Slow rolling policy initiatives
  • Leaking to the press
  • Stonewalling Congressional information requests


Many of these deep state bureaucrats are at the highest levels in the FBI and the CIA and NSA.  Their efforts to hurt Trump include –

  • Wiretaps
  • Spying – wires on  people
  • Fabricating false charges
  • Lying before Congress


The resistance is a group of –

  • Former public officials
  • Community organizers
  • Professional agitators
  • Neofascist paid thugs who use violent force copying Hitler’s use of the “black shirts” at rallies such as happened in Charlottesville, VA.


All are united in a common cause of thwarting and defeating Trump. These people are united in a common belief system of globalism is best for America.


They are well funded.  It is mainly through the means of diverting bank payments made for fines for theft from their clientele in the areas of LIBOR, gold price fixing and international money exchanges.   See my two-volume book, Who’s Next? Analysis if 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths[iii][iv], Volume 1 and Volume 2.    The banks tipped the scales and stole $41.5 trillion since 1913.  It is all documented in these books.  Eric Holder, the AG during the Obama administration, fined the banks billions, which was petty cash to these international banks, and told them to continue as in the past.  In my view, based on study and writing two books on the subject, there should have been RICO criminal indictments.  Not a single indictment was made and no one went to jail. What was not clear was where the billions went.  We now know from Jim Rickards article that this money went to the resistance groups not to bank customers. Community outreach groups friendly to Obama got most of the money.


The media requires little discussion. Anyone who watches TV or reads the paper senses that the set of media sources are lying and at times blatantly lying.  This makes a strong case for Trump.  Jim Rickards reports that industry surveys show that media coverage of Trump is 80-90% negative.   Fox is the only network that gives true reporting which means that the other networks are almost 100 % negative.


When the truth emerged, some of the Trump attackers have resigned in disgrace or have been fired for cause.   Many were in the FBI – James Comey, Peter Strzok, James Baker, Lisa Page. Others have died or left political office – John McCain, Jeff Flake, John Kasich.   Nonetheless, the attack has continued with new attackers arising – Adam Schiff, Jerome Nadler.  The on-air anchors have been replaced but the attacks continue with their biased lies.


The newspaper attacks come mainly from the Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR and other globalist speaking fronts.


The attacks consistently call for –

  • Calls for resignation
  • Calls for impeachment
  • Calls saying the government is in political paralysis
  • Calls for assassination (Madonna, Joe Biden, Kathy Griffin, Peter Fonda, Robert DeNiro)


The deep state has failed to remove him from office so they are concentrating on political paralysis. They are focusing on the 2020 election since Trump has proven himself a great president

  • Trump was not removed from office in spite of their efforts
  • Trump’s list of accomplishments for 2 years is impressive
  • The Mueller report says not guilty on collusion and obstruction of justice

Trump is on track to make a very successful first term.  Nonetheless, they will not stop and they are well funded by our government via the Obama administration.


The attacks on Trump have not been focused on policy since his policies are appealing to the American people. They have been focused on direct personal attacks. The exception is immigration and the Wall.


It is difficult to attack Trump and his policy achievements since they have been so significant –

  • North Korea has stopped testing missiles and warheads.
  • North Korea where nuclear facilities have been dismantled.
  • People have mentioned that he should get the Nobel Peace Prize if he can continue to get North Korea to stand down.
  • North Korea is in negotiation where Clinton and Bush made payoffs for broken promises. Obama ignored the issue entirely.
  • Trump has reduced regulations
  • Trump has improved national defense by replacing armaments that were used up by the endless wars under Obama.  In addition, Obama reduced the military budget, which has been replaced. .
  • The reduced taxes in 2017 made the economy to grow in 2018 – in spite of the howls of derision from the democrats.
  • Creating record low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics
  • Trump has started to build the Wall in spite of Congress and the democrats.
  • Trump has focused the voters’ attention on the crises of the border.  The drugs, terrorists and criminals are arriving because the Congress will not address immigration laws.
  • Trump has made superior appoints to the FED – Jay Powel, Richard Clarida and the Supreme Court – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Obama increased the national debt by $10 trillion and Trump, even with the infrastructure ($2 T) and rebuilding the military is on the path for $3 T his first term.


By any standard of the records of previous presidents, Trump’s accomplishments are outstanding.  There is little to attack in terms of positive results.  The Globalists resort to personal attacks such as the payment of his money before election to a sex symbol queen for favors.  The press ignores the facts that –

  • FDR had a mistress
  • Warren Harding was a libertine
  • Eisenhower had a mistress
  • Truman entered office so not prepared that he did not know of the atomic bomb, which was nearly complete.
  • JFK was an illegal drug user and serial adulterer
  • Bill Clinton was a libertine with violence and rape thrown in


If Trump were an insider on the swamp, his offenses that are minor compared to the above would be ignored.  He is not so they are brought forward to occupy the swamp participants. The U.S. economy is not booming but it is producing the best results since the financial crises of Obama in 2008.


Finally, one must address the question – – What is behind the hatred?

There are a number of reasons but let us look at three –

  1. The press covered up most of the indiscretions of previous presidents. This degraded during the Clinton administration and is completely gone now.  Trump is exposed.
  2. The Social media and smartphones mean that privacy is a thing of the past.
  3. Most importantly – – — Trump is an Outsider – – – Both the left and the right of the globalists joined to get that “alligator hunter in our swamp”. They want a permanent administrative state. Trump is an outsider threat to their existence and their jobs.
  4. It comes across that Trump despised the political elites and they return the favor.


Now let us look at investment.  Trump’s followers point out that the market has leaped 40% since he took office.  However, it is slowing down and this is being noticed. This is why Trump proposes a $2 trillion infrastructure deal with the Democrats.  They agree as noted by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York. This means more jobs. If Trump gets that package in the next two years, we will see the economy boom and the market soar from Caterpillar tractor to the airlines.


I predict a victory for Trump in 2020.  One just has to look at the record and the rallies to see why. The people love him. They see progress rather than the politicians’ talk. The democrats will cheat of course.  However, the Trump base is fired up and no one can run a rally like Trump.   A broad based infrastructure rebuilds will provide work for even the illegal immigrants and full employment for just about everyone. “It’s the economy stupid” was a Democratic Party cry.  They need to heed their own prediction.


It appears to me that the Democrats are so blind with their rage of losing the 2016 election that they placed blame on Trump rather than Hillary, that they will lose this next election.  They have candidates but no unified focus, platform or goal.   Getting rid of Trump is not enough since he has done an outstanding job his first term.   I suspicion that the Democrats will be surprised but I will not if Trump wins by a landslide.  None of the candidates has a sound platform or vision for this nation except Trump.  His vision is clear and his constituents buy it – “America First”.   Trump will get so many votes from all parties that he and his backers should consider creating a new party.  An outsider that understands the American psyche is dragging the old Republican Party into the fracas and they do not.


In conclusion, I invite you to visit my website where there are about 100 free articles like the above. You can read them there or download them.  I do this to educate people;   I hope that enough of my books sell that I can afford to continue.  There is a search bar there where you can enter your topic and the article will pop up.  The books mentioned here can be downloaded from my website.


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