CLINTON Foundation_Clintons/Comey/Mueller/Rosenstein/Lerner – Do You Smell a Rat



Timothy Clemons article on April 4, 2018 explains in detail the situation.[i]  It caught my eye because of all the articles I have written on the Clintons, I am somewhat of an expert on the Clinton gang.[ii]. I found this article interesting because it provides the time line and the events that are associated with the obstruction of justice regarding the Clinton foundation.  When you read this, ask yourself, “Do you smell a rat”. I certainly smell a rat.  This is collusion at the highest level of government and clear obstruction of justice by the leaders we have put in office and they have appointed.   The Clintons have acquired a $2 billion trust called the Clinton foundation.   They did this working civil service jobs. The collusion and corruption is so obvious it required the Clinton gang to cover it up.   Read about the sequence of events that make up your own mind.   Events are –

  • 2001 – 2005 – a grand jury was investigating the Clinton foundation.
  • 2001 – 2003 – the foundation did not record any donations even though there were some.
  • 2002 – the chief investigator on the grand jury change to James Comey
  • 2001 – 2005 – Robert Mueller was the director of the FBI
  • 2001 – 2005 Rod Rosenstein ran the tax division inside Department of Justice
  • 2002 – Lois Lerner assigned as the chief of the IRS exemption branch

What did all of these people have in common?

  • All had been briefed on the Clinton foundation
  • All were investigators of the Clinton foundation

2009 – James Comey leaves the Justice Department and joins Northrup aviation in a high-level executive position.

This was the period for the uranium one execution and cover up.

  • The US sold 20% of the US uranium to Russia
  • Permission to sell this uranium came directly from the State Department and the FBI
  • The FBI had a mole inside the money laundering operation who reported to the FBI on the bribery scheme
    • The FBI director was Robert Mueller
    • Robert Mueller delivered a uranium sample to USSR in 2009
    • Robert Mueller was directly involved in the approval of the sale of the US uranium to Russia.
    • The informant was provided a GAG order by the Justice Department and threatened to be put in jail if he ever talked about what he has discovered.
  • After the sale was approved, $145 million in gifts from uranium one owners in Russia were sent to the Clinton foundation.
  • During this period, Lois Lerner was in charge of the charitable division of the IRS.
  • 2015 – Trey Gowdy ran the 10th investigation of the Benghazi debacle. He discovered –
    • Hillary Clinton ran the State Department from her private server at her home.(this is a felony)
    • This server was private and had no security (this is a felony)
    • Hillary left the State Department without disclosing any emails from her server. (felony)  Later Trey Gowdy got these emails and discovered there was top-secret information and many of them.(This is a felony or treason)
  • 2013 – James Comey becomes FBI director. Before returning to Justice department,
    • He orchestrated 17 no bid contracts for Northrup with the State Department.
    • He received a $6 million bonus from Northrup for the work he did while there.
    • Now he is in charge of the Clinton Investigations.
  • 2016 – James Comey drafts Hillary Clinton exoneration letter and announces it on July 8, 2016 on TV (not his job.  It was Sessions job as AG) FBI is an investigative agency not a determination of guilt agency on any crime.  That is DOJ’s job.

At this point, I must note that

  • No grand jury was convened on Uranium One
  • All the players were linked to the Clintons
  • All the players were compromised and conflicted at the time of their actions.
  • The U.S. has sole 20 % of their Uranium Source to Russia when we need Uranium in this country
  • The Clinton foundation get $145 million in donations shortly after the transaction was completed.
  • Bill Clinton got a $500 K speaking engagement check from Russia just prior to completing the deal.

Again, I ask, “Do You Smell a Rat?    I do.   This transaction and the foundation need to be investigated by an honest agency of government.  One that does not have Clinton syncopants embedded in the organization doing the investigation.

[i] Timothy Clemons, “Incest, its Incestuous”, Investor Village, April 4, 2018