There is a major difference between China and the United States.   China is a dictatorship and the dictator is Xi Jinping.  China today resembles Rome in the year 100 BC.   That is when the Republic of Rome became a dictatorship.   Julius Caesar took control of the Roman Republic and established a dictatorship with himself in power as emperor     Xi Jinping this year took control of China when he became President for life.  Dictators fear one thing – the people.   Because of this fact, they go out of their way to try to please the people.   Nonetheless, they always try to control the people because if they can if they lose control they will be out of power.


The government always watches what the people are thinking.   In a free republic like the United States, this is called surveys.   All politicians spend time studying these surveys and modifying their behavior to make the surveys approve of their actions, and thereby proven that staying power.    Never mistake the fact that all politicians, including dictators have one thing in common – they like the power of the public office.   The surveys in the United States consistent two types – First, we have the public surveys where the survey polls thousands of people about their views on certain topics.   Second, we have the politicians calling other politicians in regional areas, usually within the same party to determine what the voters are thinking and how they would react to certain actions.   This is how a free society works.   It is healthy in that feedback from the voters is sent to the politician and he reacts and changes his practices based upon what they think.   Generally this how it works.

In China, we have a different type of society.   The Communist Party headed by Xi Jinping makes all political decisions for the nation.  In China, one of the decisions was to allow the commercial segment of society to have economic freedom and actually support that freedom with national corporations getting money from the national bank.  The commercial segment of China works relatively freely of government control and has expanded rapidly in this laissez faire approach to society.   A corporation can do whatever it likes to make money as long as it does not violate the rules that affect the Communist party’s and Xi Jinping’s political decisions.   This means that Xi Jinping serves as a dictator in the same manner as Julius Caesar.   He has the power to change anything but chooses to stay out of the commercial sector.

Nonetheless, he must have the support of the people.  He must watch them to determine how they think and what they want. In a recent article on the internet,[i] Tyler Durden had a pictorial chart of what is happening today in China.  I have included it here.  The China Watching chart is in my mind inevitable for the US also.   Simply stated, the American and free world politicians have the same need as the Chinese Dictator.  They must know what is going on.  In addition, if any politician is given a lever or button to control the American people to his way of thinking, he will use it.

China is ahead of free world politicians in this area.  They have decided to use current technology to control 1.3 billion people. It is rough today but it will improve.  How do you do that?   You watch them in their everyday affairs and act upon their actions.    You watch them in their traditional actions, social interactions and online actions.   You are looking to outlaw anybody that appears as an independent thinker.  You create a social credit card to show people how well they are doing.  As in school, your rank all participants / citizens  on a numbered scale from low to high.   You provide “rewards” for good conduct and penalize poor conduct.   People are intelligent; they will soon comply in order to get what they want in society.   In this manner you control them as with Pav Lov’s dogs.

Let us review the Chinese system as shown in the following figure.

Everyone has a credit score that works in the same way.  No one knows how the credit score events are ranked or weighted. Yet, we are all affected by when applying for credit as in refinancing a house will.   Today in China, the state makes that decision.  The politicians are the state and the Communist party and its leadership are the thought providers.  This is not public information.


The Social Credit Score of China is horrible in that it is a method to control everyone in China to meet the politician’s views of what is right not society’s.    In a free society, this methodology by the state is abhorrent.  Nonetheless, I foresee that it will arrive in the US also. Why? It meets the needs of the politicians in power.  It provides a lever to control the general populace.   It is a means for the politician to move the general populace in any direction that they want.   It is not good for an individual and not good for the state.  It is only good for the politician.  On the other hand, it is doable today with today’s technology.  Every day with more cameras and facial recognition, it will allow the state to impose their will on individuals and thus the general population.

See the following short Utube to get an idea what is happening today.


[i] Tyler Durden, “You’re Being Controlled All the Time – An Inside Look At China’s “Social Credit Score”.”4/26/18