Smoke billows as Iraqi forces advance towards the centre of Kirkuk during an operation against Kurdish fighters on October 16, 2017.
Iraqi forces seized the Kirkuk governor’s office, key military sites and an oil field as they swept across the disputed province following soaring tensions over an independence referendum. / AFP PHOTO / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE (Photo credit should read AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

Iraq just attacked and retook Kirkuk from its ally, the Kurds.  What is going on?  Here it is –

  • Kirkuk is the center of an oilfield
  • Kirkuk was held by ISIS (Sunni Arabs)
  • Kurds just took over Kirkuk by defeating ISIS (Sunni Arabs)
  • Kurds (Secular Arabs) just declared independence from Iraq
  • Kurds need that oilfield to become independent of Iraq
  • Kurds were allies of Iraq (Shiite) in defeating ISIS (Sunni) and attack was a surprise.  It was urged onto Iraq (Shiites) by Iran (Shiites) who want ethnic cleansing in Iraq.
  • U.S.(Obama) abandoned Iraq by pulling its troops out and Iran stepped in with 30,000 military
  • Iraq has now become a satellite of Iran (Shiite Muslim).  Iran is pushing Iraq to do ethnic cleansing by pushing Kurds North and out of Iraq to make Iraq more Shiite. Iran wants to make Iraq a Shiite Theocracy and to get the oil.
  • U.S. has stated both Iraq and Kurds are friends.  They do not want to get involved and remain neutral – no troops
  • Kurds (secular Arabs) have done more to eliminate ISIS than any tribe in Mideast has.  They have directly helped U.S. in this effort.
  • If U.S. got involved, stakeholders are Iraq (Shiite satellite of Iran), Iran (Shiite Arabs who want oil and Iraq and U.S (who want ISIS eliminated)).  U.S. helping Kurds would hurt Iran Shiite Theocracy. It would advance independence of Kurdistan – – – who would also get other Kurds from Iran and Turkey.  The Kurdistan nation (secular Arab)) would be a strong U.S. and Israel Ally.
  • 100 years ago, when similar independence desires were backed by the big 2 – Russia and Austria / Hungary – – – it ended up in WWI.

Possibly, Tillerson / Trump are wise to stay away at this point.  However, it will not go away.  Kurds want their own nation and have earned it with blood fighting ISIS.


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