Who’s Next? Analysis of Fed Plundering in Port Usury (NY). How Much Booty is it? Part II: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes


In Part II of, Who’s Next?, the focus is on the amount of theft that occurred – sector by sector over a period of 100 years since passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  . New York’s is renamed Port Usury” because that is where the big banks have their headquarters.  A continuation of the metaphor of the Fed being privateers that was used in Book I is continued in this book.  Book II, Who’s Next?, is about how banking privateers operate in their homeport and how much plunder they have taken. It answers a number of questions besides how much. What form of plundering do they use on land?  What are modern-day banking canons?  How are they used?  How do the banks plunder people and nations when not at sea?  In addition, what is the Merrimack metaphor?

In the Fed, the Admiral’s ship leads a privateer banking Armada that controls the money, the Congress, the regulatory bodies (the cops) and rate setting bodies that for 100 years gave the Fed banks advantages over merchants, independent banks, individuals and nations. This may be changing.

The sovereign nations and merchants led by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have created an independent financial system that the author calls the “Merrimack”.  These nations have united to combat the Rothschild central bankers of the world. They have now replicated all systems that the Fed has. Thus, they have independent regulatory bodies such as the IMF, an independent Swift money transfers system, commodity exchanges, a bond market and sovereign credit banks for the first time in 100 years. Their Merrimack ship’s armor is HONEST FINANCIAL SYSTEMS” that are designed to give them and a long list of third world nations’ freedom from the Fed’s admitted dishonest thefts and practices.

The Federal Reserve note is a “dead man walking” and could “die” this year but at least soon. In the wings, there are three currency replacements that have been proposed – gold backed Chinese Yuan, IMF SDRs and bitcoin from the Fed.  Only the Yuan is discussed.


The independent nations have created their own armada that can protect them from the Fed’s armada.  The Merrimack Armada is designed to give them freedom from the Federal Reserve Bank admitted dishonest thefts and practices.  This author believes that the solution is to abolish the fed and use the U.S. Treasury for the nation’s central bank. How does one do that?  It will be difficult since the Fed wants to maintain its power that they have accumulated over a hundred years.  In addition to the above, Book 2 investigates the origin of the illuminati; central banking; agreements made and may have been made at Jekyll Island; history of central banking in America; history of progressive education in America; what America could do to escape the Fed; and why the coming proposed Fed bitcoin cashless society is bad for citizens 

Finally, in this book, the author calculates $14.5 Trillion is stolen yearly and $41.5 trillion was taken from the American people over hundred years.  These usury payments were made in national, mortgage, student loan, credit, state and local municipal debt, auto loans and Federal Reserve bailouts of European as well as American banks.


The Federal Reserve System is a private banking cartel that works in their interest maximizing their profits. Much of the ownership of the member banks is European old money.   To delude yourself into believing that they are working for the American people is just that –“delusion”.  The Fed takes orders from no one – the president, the Congress or the people.  They have a board of directors, pay dividends to their owners and focus on maximizing profits while giving the appearance of helping Americans.


In the capacity of regulators, they act as cops in creating daily average interest rates for global banking called LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) used in rate setting for loans. They also participate in setting the price of gold. Four banks did this. The Fed banks were not involved here. They were involved in providing averages in currency ratios setting prices for FOREX (Foreign Exchange rate). These cops were involved in cheating and were caught.  They set the rates to their advantage and kept that fact from others. The government never revealed how much was stolen. This book calculates a conservative estimate and the total number is breathtaking.

The scandals due to price fixing caused four nations to create six committees to investigate on two continents. The LIBOR investigation started 1 Feb 2012. The FOREX and Gold price investigations started after that but all the dates are shown on the timeline in the book.  The deaths occurred during this time and stopped after the $20 billion in fines were levied with the instructions to stop cheating but continue with their banking business as usual.

The book provides an example of a 3rd world nation loan where the object is to acquire the collateral asset with the loans themselves being only incidental.  It shows how it works.

We wondered when writing this book whether the ensuing deaths that ended up as 66 were related to LIBOR and FOREX price fixing.  After completing the book and seeing the results of the investigations, the author concluded that at least some of these executives were involved.


In Section II, banking is analyzed from the Bank of England’s origin in 1688 to the founding of the 4thprivately held Central Bank in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act.  In the process, the Jekyll Island meeting of 1910 was analyzed. This 9-day meeting probably had Paul Warburg bring the BOE charter with him from Nathan Rothschild when he returned from England prior to the Jekyll Island meeting. There is no proof that this occurred.  However, Paul Warburg worked closely with Nathan Rothschild, who ran the Bank of England. Further, the Fed charter is a mirror image of the BOE charter. It is a reasonable assumption.

Jekyll Island

There were nine full days at Jekyll Island with some of the most influential men in America. These powerful men made decisions and then had the laws paper over those decisions.  It is likely that they accepted what Paul Warburg brought because it did what they wanted – control of the money supply and fiat money.

It is also reasonable that they discussed a lot more.  They wanted control of this nation and the next fifty years bore out that desire. By 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed, Woodrow Wilson (their choice) was elected, amendments to the constitution to provide the IRS was passed and this guaranteed that they were paid for creating loans out of nothing and the direct election of Senators constitutional amendment was passed.  This gave them control of the President, the senators through the press and the people, the IRS and education.


JP Morgan personally chose to get involved in education.  He wanted “workers not philosophers”.  He changed the school system in America. He located an atheist who studied the philosophy of Hegel.  With the help of the Yale Skull and Bones illuminati cell, he found and hired (got him hired to Columbia by donating a lot of money to the University) the atheist John Dewey.  He nurtured him through Columbia and University of Chicago and made this man the leading educator in America. John Dewey by 1939 had removed McGuffey’s readers that was oriented to a Christian ethic and God, and replaced it with his texts, which were Godless and urged that the state was the issuer of all freedoms and liberty.

These men wanted control of banking, the nation and its people and got it. In 1914, JP Morgan owned 25% of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, which is the controlling bank in the Federal Reserve System. There is no evidence that this percentage has gone down.  More likely, it has gone up even though 25% is a controlling interest.

They controlled the press by buying the top 25 newspapers. Today, only 6 news media companies control 85% of the news.  A few men control the press.

Rothschild and the Illuminati

Amschel Rothschild used three principles for his goal of controlling the world.  These principles formed the basis of the illuminati. The illuminati are real, working and founded on May 1, 1771.  The man founding it was the man chosen by Amschel Rothschild to establish his “New World Order”.  It was Adam Weishaupt.

The men, the goals and the organization are found in the book. The illuminati objectives were to destroy the social systems that exist and create a New World Order with themselves in charge.  Their objectives were abolition of – all ordered governments, private property, inheritance, patriotism, the family, religion, and the creation of a new world government.  They still hold to these principles.  May 1 is honored as the birthday of the Communist party.  The New World Order requires Communism and fascism.

The plan for the Federal Reserve act of 1913 was put in place at Jekyll Island in 1910. In attendance were critical players such as Paul Warburg, Senator Nelson Aldrich and three representatives of Rockefeller and Rothschild. Paul Warburg was the organizer and enthusiast.  He ended up as the first Chairman of the Fed.

This is speculation, but it appears to be reasonable based upon what actually occurred over the next 50 years.  A discussion at Jekyll Island of what it would take to control the country would of necessity incorporate the following topics – control the president, control the press, control the people via the personal income tax, control the government via establishing the Council on Foreign Relations as a think tank that feeds like-minded people into government, control the states by eliminating legislative election and substituting direct election of Senators for the states. Finally control education.

These topics are discussed and considered in relation to what actually happened,

The Fed was modeled after the Bank of England because it was designed that way and the Rothschilds were involved in both. It gives the control of the money supply to private banking.  They in turn will control the nation. The book reviews the purpose of the Jekyll meeting purpose as stopping competition from new banks, obtaining the franchise to create money out of nothing, controlling the reserves of all banks so that runs do not occur, and convince Congress that they were acting in the best interest of the citizens by controlling inflation and maintaining full employment, when in fact they were maximizing the profits of the Fed.


When doing the calculations, the methodology used was to define the sectors, determine how much interest was paid and then sum the total across the sectors for the period since 1913.   The sectors chosen were national debt, housing market debt, car loans, credit card debt, student loans, and Fed bailouts of European bankers.

The modern privateer does not use canons when he robs.  No, he uses laws.  He gets those laws by writing them and helping Congress pass them. The real purpose of the laws is for the Fed to make more money.  White-collar crime, in this instance, is defined as fraud. Promise A but deliver B – full employment and low inflation is the promise. Profits for the Fed are the real delivery.  The attitude of white-collar criminals is consistently the same – they consider themselves above the law or the law does not matter if it hinders what they want.  Finally, they reason that if everyone is doing it – Why not me?

The author reviews and calculates the amount of interest taken for national debt, mortgage debt, student loan debt, credit card debt, state and local government loans, car loans and federal bailouts. The total came to $14.5 trillion per year and $41.5 trillion for 100 years.


The BRICS new international financial system is important because it competes with the Fed and represents 3 billion people in contrast to the 320 million in the United States.

A metaphor was used concerning the Merrimack, which was the southern ironclad during the Civil War.  The northern ironclad was called the Monitor (the Fed).  After this battle, all naval wars were changed globally and forever.  There were no more wooden military ships.  Sailing ships went to steam for propulsion and the future of war was changed.  In the case of banking, this will also be true. From here on, there will be two alternatives for all international transactions.  One can use the Fed system with its exchanges, regulations and fiat money.  Alternatively, one could use the BRICS financial system with its exchanges, regulations and possibly gold backed Yuan. The BRICS are stronger than the Fed economically and will continue to grow. The objectives of the BRICS is to be out of the control of the Federal Reserve System


The conclusions are that “dead men tell no tales” and there may be some relation between the 66 noted executive deaths and the LIBOR, Forex and gold price fixing. There is no way to tell without an intense investigation.  Further, other nations have caught on to the dishonest Fed and have introduced an “honest financial dealer” onto the world stage – the BRICS.

The Fed objectives appear to be control the money supply of each nation and get the citizen into as much debt as possible.  In addition, the elites who come from banking and government want to control the press, educate world leaders about the New World Order through secret societies such as the Trilateral Commission, Bank of Rome, and the Committee of 300 and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The illuminati are real and its goals are identified in this book. Further, its organization is shown and an organization chart is drawn.

America is at a crossroads. They can go back to the Constitution put God back into society and return to the foundational principles that made this nation great- capitalism with a Christian ethic of honesty. This is what Donald Trump is trying to do. Alternatively, they can continue on their path to a communist, fascist society, which is the basis of the New World Order.

The cultural battle that is going on today is between the elitists who are in control and want the New World Order because it would keep them in control which gives them power.  The alternative is freedom loving Libertarian Americans who want to own property and run their own lives independent of government interference. The next few years will be very critical as to which direction the nation heads.