Who’s Next? Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths, Part I: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes


This is a two-part book about the Federal Reserve and its relationship to LIBOR, FOREX, and gold price manipulation as well as doing two things.  It lists and puts on a timeline 66 mysterious deaths that for the most part were labeled suicides by the newspapers but do not appear to be suicides.  In Book 1, the 66 mysterious deaths are listed and analyzed as to who, age, date, surrounding circumstances and in which bank and position they held. No one on the list is less than a vice president or equivalent.  These deaths were correlated with the six international investigatory commissions from four nations that were ongoing during this period to determine how, and how much price fixing was done on LIBOR, FOREX and gold. At the time that this book was sent off to the publisher, the deaths were occurring at a two per month rate.  Consequently, the author believes, that if he continued, the list would have grown 100.  When Eric Holder fined the banks $20 billion in June/July 2016 for LIBOR and FOREX price manipulation, the deaths suddenly stopped.  During this time, both Jamie Diamond (JPM)  and Lord Blankfein (G Sachs) received salaries and bonuses over $50 million each.  The author describes what needs to be done to truly stop this white-collar crime.  A fine will not do it.

In Part II, the focus is on calculating the amount of theft that occurred – sector by sector.


There are three divisions of the Federal Reserve. They are – the national board of governors, the regional reserve Banks, and the Federal open market committee. In addition, there are commercial banks, which hold the stock and advisory councils. Many of the stockowners are banks from Europe.
The primary function of the national board of governors is to determine the nation’s monetary policy. The board consists of seven members appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. The board and a few executives exercise control. The Federal Reserve act mandated that the president put a fair representation of financial, agricultural, industrial and commercial interest as well as geographical interests on the board. This mandate has disappeared and the men now come primarily from banking and finance.
The function of the regional reserve Banks is to hold cash reserves of the system, supply currency to member banks, clear checks, and act as the fiscal agent for the government. In that capacity, they are involved with LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) rate setting, Gold Price setting and FOREX (Foreign Exchange rate) setting. The scandals due to price fixing caused 4 nations to create 6 committees to investigate on two continents. The LIBOR investigation started 1 Feb 2012. The FOREX and Gold price investigations started after that and the dates are shown on the timeline provided.
The LIBOR is an average interest rate calculated through submissions of interest rates by major banks across the world. The scandal arose when it was discovered that banks were falsely inflating or deflating their rates in order to profit from trades The FOREX exchange rates work similarly. They banks were well organized in their theft. The banks set up actual trading rooms on both sides of the Atlantic that no one but the traders could access. They manipulated the rates in these rooms. These are multitrillion dollar per day markets. The findings were that they used derivative markets, which are regulated, and manipulated them. These are criminal offences but only one person in London and none in the U.S. went to jail. The fines totaled $24 billion. Interestingly, the deaths suddenly stopped after Eric Holder announced the fines in July 2016.
The author relied on a metaphor in this book. The Federal Reserve banks represent an Armada of privateer pirate ships that raid upon the multitrillion dollar per day digital flow of money about the world. These modern day pirates have the support of their nation states. In particular, Alan Greenspan for the U.S. and Henry Morgan for the UK had their state’s support as evidenced by the states not stopping the banks actions. The modern day canon is nation state endorsement, regulations and laws. The laws and international pricing agreements of LIBOR and FOREX are used to steal. When exposed to blatant theft by the sovereign nation financial investigatory committees, the pirate banks flee and act as if these committees are “man of war”. The committees discovered that the theft was ongoing for at least ten years. The banks influence who is in government that investigates their actions. The tag team of Obama and Holder were ideal to do the investigation and get fines rather than jail time.
The author speculates the possibility that one thing that might be happening is that the captains want to eliminate any of their officers and seamen that have knowledge of their previous law breaking. – – – after all, “dead men tell no tales”. This analysis restricted itself to officers of the bank at Vice President and above – and yes, Chairmen suddenly died. Lower level people also probably died but only those who made headlines were added to the list. The time period used was from 23 Dec 2012 to 18 Jun 2015. The deaths continued after that but the book had been released for publication. I estimate that about 100 met sudden death. The deaths finally stopped in 2016 when Eric Holder fined the banks $20 billion and no one went to jail. Remember they were stealing at a $14.5 trillion / year rate for 10 years and received a $20 billion fine.
This analysis sizes the amount of theft in Book II on an annual rate and this Book I lists the 66 mysterious deaths showing name, when it occurred, age, cause of death, circumstances if published in the paper and employer and the job held at the time of death. It correlates these deaths along a time line from the start of the LIBOR investigations to the last death recorded. He found a correlation between the frequency of deaths and the events of the investigatory committees starting. At the time when all 6 committees were in session, the death rate due to “suicide” hit a two per month rate.
The author uses the metaphor that Alan Greenspan along with the British privateer Henry Morgan were both privateers. Their sovereign sponsors enabled piracy. Both successfully brought booty back home to their sponsors and both were rewarded with knighthoods. Henry Morgan stole from the Spanish. Alan Greenspan’s fleet stole from the world’s population. The Greenspan Federal Reserve banks took in approximately $14.5 trillion per year from the citizens of the world, and it has been going on for at least 10 years. Their total take was about $41.5 trillion.
The book begins by defining terms such as LIBOR rates FOREX rates and gold market price setting committees among the banks. The discussion shows that the pirate cover up techniques of making men walk the plank may be appropriate here. The analysis looks at a typical banking transaction and the associated derivative insurance wrap to determine how banker CEOs get annual $30 million salaries and $20 million bonuses at the end of the year.
Virtually all of these deaths recorded were listed as suicides by the newspapers. Some were obviously not. How does one shoot oneself multiple times with a nail gun in the legs, torso and then the head? In addition, why does a 33-year VP come home and stab his wife to death and then commit hari kari in front of his own two year old?
The causes of the 66 banker suicides fall into four categories. First, there were clear murders, including some who were shot, stabbed or run over. Second, are murder/ suicides, which are most likely murders. The banker killed his family and then himself. Third, there are real suicides, which in fact are few in number. Finally, those that were “suicided” which by my definition are being forced to jump and walk the metaphorical plank.
Another form of theft was QE where the banks used the funds to manipulate the stock market and maximize their profits. This manipulation and methodology is disclosed.
The pirate captains were well rewarded for their actions. For instance, Jamie Diamond of JP Morgan received a $34 million bonus on top of a $20 million dollar salary in January 16, 2014. Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs received a $14.5 million bonus on top of a $21 million salary. They are true pirate ship captains. However, Henry Morgan only took six times more than his men did. These guys are taking 1000s of multiples more.
A comparison between Henry Morgan in the late 1600s and Alan Greenspan fit amazingly well. Both were endorsed by their nations to go out and raid and bring the loot back to the sovereign nation. Both did that. Both did well and were rewarded with money, title and knighthoods. Both retired rich men. Henry Morgan died of cirrhosis of the liver – – too much rum.
This area of collusive theft is white-collar crime. It is the area where the author wrote a dissertation. He is an expert. This is a criminal act not a civil offense. The fines enacted by the United States by Eric Holder treated them as civil not criminal acts. The whole system has become corrupted. It was done by controlling the laws of this nation. It required the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the enactment of the Graham Leach Bliley act, the enactment of Dodd Frank law, which gives the Fed complete control of the financial sector of the U.S. and the acceptance of the G 20 strategic plan of 2010. Finally, it required testing before the financial system is collapsed. This testing has been completed in Cyprus, Spain, UK, and MF global. This is all explained in the book.
It is easy for the banks to create profits since they are both financiers and cops. A typical loan transaction to a third level nation of $1 billion was used to illustrate how easy it is for the banks to earn hundreds of trillions of dollars using these transactions. The message became clear that in banking if you want the very big bonuses, you make very aggressive assumptions about how low the losses will be on the credit derivatives. An example is given in the book.
Stats were reviewed and in spite of the hype, it was shown that Alan Greenspan did a lousy job during his tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve maintaining low inflation and low unemployment. The record is reviewed in the book and it is shown that the statement is true.
Upon investigation of the missing German gold by the Federal Reserve, it was found that there literally might not be any gold in Fort Knox. It is no longer there. This is just another theft, but there was no way to prove how much. It now appears as if the gold in the Federal Reserve and the Fort Knox is gone because insiders sold it off to other insiders.
On one February 2012, the Department of Justice announced its criminal LIBOR abuse investigation. The nations of the US, China, UK and Germany all had investigatory committees. On 29 August 2013, Germany started its gold price manipulation investigation and removed Deutschebank from the committee that set the price of gold. When all six committees were in action, the death rate averaged two suicides per month. The deaths were due to murder, murder/suicide, suicide, which are deaths orchestrated to look as a suicide, suicide and natural death due to a heart attack.
When the study ended, the number of 66 deaths included 17 investment bankers, 5 traders, 3 risk assessment officers. The leading banks had the most deaths. For instance during this period, JP Morgan lost 18 executives labeled as vice president or higher. Deutsche Bank lost 3 executives. In addition, some world famous executives and members of their families committed suicide or had mysterious accidental deaths… Specifically, David Rockefeller’s son, Richard, had a mysterious airplane accident. John Cuisine the son Jeff Cuisine mysteriously died at age 33, but the paper did not print how.
It is reasonable to assume that the Justice Department went for cash over integrity. Ths statement is based upon the fines rendered and the people that were let free of criminal investigations even after having been proven that they occurred, Finally, the ruling said continue on the way you were doing before.