Who’s Next? Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths, Part I: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes

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Joseph P. Hawranek, Ph.D.
Raven Publishing
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This is a two-part book about the Federal Reserve and its relationship to LIBOR, FOREX, and gold price manipulation as well as doing two things.  It lists and puts on a timeline 66 mysterious deaths that for the most part were labeled suicides by the newspapers but do not appear to be suicides.  In Book 1, the 66 mysterious deaths are listed and analyzed as to who, age, date, surrounding circumstances and in which bank and position they held. No one on the list is less than a vice president or equivalent.  These deaths were correlated with the six international investigatory commissions from four nations that were ongoing during this period to determine how, and how much price fixing was done on LIBOR, FOREX and gold. At the time that this book was sent off to the publisher, the deaths were occurring at a two per month rate.  Consequently, the author believes, that if he continued, the list would have grown 100.  When Eric Holder fined the banks $20 billion in June/July 2016 for LIBOR and FOREX price manipulation, the deaths suddenly stopped.  During this time, both Jamie Diamond (JPM)  and Lord Blankfein (G Sachs) received salaries and bonuses over $50 million each.  The author describes what needs to be done to truly stop this white-collar crime.  A fine will not do it.

In Part II, the focus is on calculating the amount of theft that occurred – sector by sector.


There are three divisions of the Federal Reserve.  They are - the national board of governors, the regional reserve Banks, and the Federal open market committee.  In addition, there are commercial banks, which hold the stock and advisory councils. Many of the stockowners are banks from Europe.

The primary function of the national board of governors is to determine the nation’s monetary policy. The board consists of seven members appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.  The board and a few executives exercise control.  The Federal Reserve act mandated that the president put a fair representation of financial, agricultural, industrial and commercial interest as well as geographical interests on the board.   This mandate has disappeared and the men now come primarily from banking and finance.

The function of the regional reserve Banks is to hold cash reserves of the system, supply currency to member banks, clear checks, and act as the fiscal agent for the government.  In that capacity, they are involved with LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) rate setting, Gold Price setting and FOREX (Foreign Exchange rate) setting.  The scandals due to price fixing caused 4 nations to create 6 committees to investigate on two continents. The LIBOR investigation started 1 Feb 2012. The FOREX and Gold price investigations started after that and the dates are shown on the timeline provided. Read More.....