Donald Trump is visiting Chnain November. At that time, Xi Jinping will bring up his idea and concept of how

to gain World Peace.  It is the Belt and Road Initiative of China.  It is a multi trillion dollar investment in the world’s infrastructure that will change the world.  If the U.S. joined in this effort that has already started, world peace could be possible and that could last for 100 years.

U.S. foreign policy is adding to Beijing’s concerns. After 15 years of overseas wars, the U.S. is focusing its attention inward to the U.S. This gives Beijing an opportunity to get more involved in areas where the United States’ interest seems to be diminishing.   China is having trouble as it is limiting its role in managing regional instability. The country is facing problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan  along the Critical Belt and Road routes.

On top of this, China is grappling with domestic political changes. Beijing is moving away from Deng’s advice on using collective leadership.  and back toward a more centralized and consolidated power structure. Xi Jinping has consolidated power to challenge the days of Mao Tse Tung.  Think about it – – –